Frequently asked questions


How long does each session last?

I conduct an initial one-hour consultation. The duration of each subsequent session is between 35 and 50 minutes, usually dependent on the age of the child.


Where do the sessions take place?

The sessions always take place in a private room, which could be at The Rainbow Room, the child's school or alternative appropriate venue. The room is completely free from interruptions, giving the child the optimum environment in which to benefit from the therapy. Your child's sessions will always take place at the same venue. 


How many sessions does my child need?

Following the initial consultation I will recommend a number of sessions I believe will best benefit your child. This number will depend on your child's presenting concerns. Every child will have a minimum of six sessions.


How do I find out what my child has said and done in the sessions?

General feedback is given at regular intervals regarding how the child has interacted. However, all sessions are strictly confidential and therefore no specific information is ever given about what the child has said or done in the playroom.


What about child protection issues?

If a child makes a disclosure during a session, Rainbow Play Therapy will adhere to our Child Protection Policy and Procedures.


Can you work with more than one child at a time?

Yes. Rainbow Play Therapy can offer group sessions to children with similar experiences such as bereavement, parental breakdown, illness, domestic violence, adoption or fostering.


What age children do you see?

I work with children and teenagers aged from four to fourteen.


Do I need a referral from my GP?

No. To set up an initial one-hour consultation, simply email or call me on 01638 721669 or 07561 438977.

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