The child enters the playroom where there is always the same range of activities for him or her to choose from, including toys, art, sand, puppets, clay, music and other therapeutic activities.


The child plays however he or she chooses, completely uninterrupted, while I follow and reflect their activity. This freedom enables the child to immerse themselves into their unconscious thoughts in a free and protected space and start to process difficult and troubling feelings and emotions that they may not be able to vocalise.


The child often doesn’t make the connection between their play and their real life. However, by playing out different themes, they can find solutions and ease their anxieties.


This builds confidence and self esteem and enables them to look at things differently, do things differently and be differently.

The child can then transfer these solutions and coping strategies into his or her everyday life.

How does it work?

Think differently. Act differently. Be differently.