Many children will benefit from the security of a series of one-to-one play therapy sessions in which they can process their deepest subconscious thoughts and emotions as they try to make sense of events in their lives.


Rainbow Play Therapy is able to support such children with individual sessions.


A child might benefit from play therapy if he or she:


  • is struggling academically or socially

  • has nightmares or disturbed sleep

  • is excluded or is at risk of being excluded from school

  • has suffered trauma, loss or bereavement

  • has suffered emotional, physical or sexual abuse

  • struggles with being fostered or adopted

  • is troubled by his or her parents’ divorce or separation

  • suffers anxiety, stress or phobias

  • is withdrawn or continually unhappy

  • finds it hard to make friends

  • quarrels frequently with peers or siblings

  • is bullied or bullies others

  • displays inappropriate behaviour

  • doesn’t play


These are just some of the behaviours exhibited by a child who might benefit from individual play therapy.


If you know a child who you think could be helped by Rainbow Play Therapy, please contact us here.

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